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Vegetable seeds for the winter garden

Vegetable seeds for winter garden

I’ve never grown winter veg, so this is going to be an experiment.

I’ve gone for the scatter-gun approach and bought a pack of anything that can be sown in September or October.  Including some vegetables I’m famous for hating – though I’m trying to work through my food issues as best I can.

It was also a good way to learn the French names for some of the less common vegetables.

And I must start work on that field soon, or I’ll have no-where to sow these.

Favourite posts this week

Gifts from a neighbour

:: Many congratulations to Lucy who is now, officially, a professional pâtissière! The exam sounds terrifying…

:: I love seeing London through the eyes of tourists :) Lovely photos from a lovely blog.

:: This is so true! The chocolate aisles are amazing but far too tempting. I just have to skip them altogether ;) Instead we go to see the cheese…

:: An amazing kitchen makeover! Not to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s FAB. Especially love how so much of it has been recycled from other people – one person’s trash is another’s treasure, right?

:: Fig, Apricot and Marscapone Tart -yes please! I’m sure there’s a fig tree in the village that would give us a hand with this.

:: I REALLY want sushi after seeing this review.

:: How to save tomato seeds – helpful next year, I think.

:: This would be perfect for lunch or dinner right now. I love Ottolenghi. It’s just criminal to put the oven on at the moment.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!





This is the field

So, err, after many years of reading books and growing a few vegetables in the back garden, now it’s time to try and grow a serious amount of food.

This is the field we have been very kindly loaned. It’s the first half of the land you see in this photo. I measured it on Google Maps a while back, and came up with a 3rd of an acre, but I think I need to check that again.

This needs a ‘little’ work

It needs cleaning up, along with the adjacent river/stream. It needs fencing, and a bridge, and water storage, and many other things. But mostly it needs planning.

As the land is only on loan, we’ll be sticking to growing annuals which in some ways is a shame, but for now it’s simpler to plan and easy to adapt.

I will certainly keep you posted.

Don’t panic.

That’s just a note to myself.

Shake out.

Patio vegetables (and keeping my hand in)

While we’re camped out at my parents home getting ready for the big move, I was feeling a bit tetchy that a growing season was underway and I was without seedlings, my greenhouse or any soil to call my own.

So I’ve rounded up a few empty pots, nabbed some space on the patio and bought a few plants from the local garden centre. This isn’t exactly self-sufficiency, but it’s a token effort in the right direction and it makes me feel a whole load better.

We’re looking forward to a few courgettes, tomatoes, peas, chilli, strawberries and leeks.

Shake out.