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Looking back, looking forwards


When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us ~ Helen Keller

Things I will miss about being in France (in no particular order!)

  • My parents
  • Stepping outside the front door and into mountains
  • Incredible fresh air
  • Peace and quiet
  • Our cats
  • Spending so much quality time with my husband
  • French produce
  • Beautiful scenery
  • An amazing baby club with like-minded, kind, generous mamas and their sweet babies

Things I am looking forward to:

  • Access to more people, more activities, more choice
  • Being nearer to my brother
  • My dear friends being nearby
  • Understanding what people are saying to me
  • The NHS!
  • Realistic work opportunities
  • C seeing his cousins
  • Being walking distance from the park
  • Public transport`
  • Finding a pilates class
  • Abel and Cole

Thanks for humouring me. Sometimes I just need to write these things down.



Home baking supplies – France vs. UK

Bakery supplies - UK vs. France

My purchases

Having previously bodged the proofing of a few loaves using the ‘tea towel in a bowl’ method, I decided to treat myself to a proper proofing basket (or two) once we got to France. I assumed this nation’s love for bread would make it easier to find things like this, possibly even in a ‘real life’ shop.

But I was wrong.

It seems the French love bread so much, that you can buy good bread almost everywhere and people don’t need to bake their own. Unlike the UK, where buying quality bread is so difficult that a whole army of home bakers have been inspired to take up the artisan reigns. Even the big supermarkets here only stock a fraction of the bread flour on offer at a smaller UK supermarket.

So while I found a ‘real life’ shop that would sell me a professional deck oven for several thousands Euros (let’s not get carried away with this baking yet!), I had to resort to the trusty Internet to buy my baskets, or ‘Banneton’ as I now know they are called.

I found a few places in France, but the prices were higher than in the UK, and what really surprised me was that delivery was cheaper from the UK than ordering directly from here. So the UK got the sale.

I bought from Bakery Bits who I shopped with while in the UK and can highly recommend; quick dispatch and quality products.

I’ll keep you posted on how the banneton work out.

Shake out.