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Favourite posts this week



I have been a slacker, but things have been BUSY here!

:: I love this little jacket. My knitted socks fell apart so I might find a different project for now

:: A new snack for C, perhaps. He is no longer tolerating oatcakes, rice cakes or pita bread!

:: Apricot Tart to die for

:: Most of my favourite things in a milkshake – yes!!

:: Our (few) home-grown strawberries are nearly ready, but I think we will just eat them! If we do make some jam, it would (hopefully) look something like this one

:: Speaking of strawberries, these popsicles would be amazing, were we to have any sort of warm weather ;)

:: Katie is the best, right?

:: Love the sound of this prune tart

Hope you have had a lovely week and weekend!

Life has been so busy (but good) and it looks like I am returning to work (part-time) soon. We have been trying to settle C into a nursery which hasn’t been fun, but hopefully it will get a little easier in time.

I’ve started a new coursera course, who knows if I will find the time to do it all, but so far so interesting!

Food has been the last thing on my mind which is why there hasn’t been much to share! I need to organise myself a little better, especially as I’ll be working, and I’ll make something for you soon.



Favourite posts this week


:: Food around the world (interactive quiz) – I have a lot to learn!

:: We attempted our first baked doughnuts a few weeks ago. I wasn’t that impressed. Next time it’ll be this recipe I use

:: My life in sourdough looks cute. Great name too

:: Famous lookalikes. Who has the time to figure these out??!!

:: Wish I was attending ravelry revelry this weekend

:: Rhubarb cream cheese hand pies. Picnic perfection!

:: Yesterday I walked around town looking for somewhere that sold gelato. I was on a mission. I didn’t find it, but was given a free iced coffee. Score! In future I’ll make my own, though

:: Strawberry inspiration

:: I love reading about how other people are feeding their little ones

:: Fun ideas for summer

:: Excited to read this book when it’s published – my pantry needs help!

Wishing you a merry weekend, ours will mostly be spent picnicking outdoors :)