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Right now


:: learning an awful lot about nutrition thanks to my latest Coursera course

:: tracking my food drink intake as part of the course – insightful!

:: excited to visit the UK next week and meet a sweet baby girl

:: wishing our boy wasn’t poorly and would have a nap today…

:: eating far less than this past weekend. Dear friends from London visited and we sure ate (and drank!) more than usual :)

:: crying whilst watching Parenthood. New to me, but I just can’t stop watching.

:: peeling hundreds of carrots, baby’s latest food obsession

:: staring at a rock that I thought was a toad. I need coffee.

Right now

:: knitting with my dwindling supplies of wool, in the sunshine.

:: baking dark chocolate macarons with white chocolate ganache. No photos – useless!

:: writing list upon list – to do, to eat, to make…

:: watching my tutorials. I’m taking a Coursera course! “Think Again: How to reason and argue“. So far, so interesting.

:: daydreaming about possible future plans. Who knows what the future brings?

:: counting down the days until very special people come to stay for Christmas

:: dehydrating lots of oranges for frugal Christmas decorations :)

:: fighting off the cold that has been passed around bébé club

:: loving the new series of Peep Show ;)

:: wrapping up warm, 100km winds surround us!



Right now

:: chuckling at these adorable apricots. Too cute!

:: reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. This novel tells the story of Hadley Hemingway, wife of Ernest, and their life together in Paris. I’ve only just started but am really enjoying it so far.

:: counting down the days until we depart. 11 days of work for Shake, 19 until we go!

:: drinking lots of hot water with honey and lemon. This has been a poorly mummy week, so glad to be getting better.

:: thinking about my friends having babies. I can’t wait for our little man to have lovely friends to play with. It’s also a great way to distribute his newborn clothes!

:: wishing baby would stop growing, that time would stand still a little while and for my mind to focus on the priceless moments I have with my boy.

:: writing letters to my boy so that I remember this time. I have a terrible memory and there are some things I really don’t want to forget. Birth story?

:: researching lots of fun trips and activities to entertain our guests in France, we have visitors for the first 3 weeks already and more coming in August :)


Right now (Soulemama style)

Rain © by alexik

:: watching my baby boy sleep (I should sleep too…)
:: reading The Hunger Games. I only started last night but am hooked already! Just what I need to fill the void after finishing the Milennium trilogy.
:: mastering the “skill” of reading whilst feeding baby. Kindle helps!
:: eating all the time, or so it seems, as this feeding job is exhausting! I can’t get enough of pears, prunes, the odd biscuit or two too…
:: thinking about my brother and future sister-in-law who are moving to beautiful Dartmouth next week. Oh how I shall miss them being so near, but it isn’t long until we move either…
:: wishing it would stop raining long enough for baby and I to walk to the doctors this afternoon.
:: planning our weekends to see as many dear friends and family before we leave.
:: choosing  recipes for this weekend for some very special friends. Currently thinking of chocolate and beetroot brownies to use the gorgeous beetroot which came in our vegetable box this morning.