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Favourite posts this week

:: First instalment in a series on how to save money on food – something I’m always trying to work on.

:: PBS story on Coursera (who I am studying with) which includes my course! We have been wondering how free online University courses will change education in the future…

:: Love hummus, it’s a frugal staple in this house, but not so sure I’d peel the chickpeas. I trust Deb, though. It must be a winner.

:: Often tempted to make my own pâté. It just sounds impressive, right? If I ever do, I’ll start with this recipe.

:: Crunchy roast potatoes – for Sunday lunch, please!

:: Hehe this guy always makes me laugh. Good point made though, not convinced chefs always want us to replicate their dishes.

:: Damien Lewis is a legend. (I miss Homeland).

Wishing you all a happy weekend