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Favourite posts this week


I’m sorry I missed this last week, but we had our friends here and I was too disorganised to arrange in advance…

:: I am slightly in awe of this woman – wow. Ok, I love her.

:: Brownie sandwich cookies? Amazing! I might even just make them as cookies.

:: Pudding! Butterscotch flavoured! With bananas! Rum too!

:: As a chartered accountant (apparently ;)) this news made me happy!

:: The planner in me (I love lists!) is fascinated by Dana’s take on dinner party planning.

:: We had some nappy free time this week (thanks nappy rash) but couldn’t say we would be able to go the whole way like these guys. So impressive! Maybe with baby#2, whenever that may be!

:: How many slaves work for you? I have 37 apparently, mainly due to kids toys. Only second hand/fair trade for this boy from us, though.

:: Since he was given a macaron last week, I have been thinking about sugar free treats for our boy. These lemon and coconut bars might work?

:: These photographs are really stunning. I’d love someone to make me those tarts.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend



Baby expenses

Bambino Mio consumables.jpg © by Regal Lager

Shake and I made the decision early on in my pregnancy to use re-useable nappies for our baby.

I spent weeks researching different brands, reading reviews and comparing prices and “special deals”.

In the end, I decided to ignore the reviews and chose a brand that had been recommended by a colleague of mine – Bambino Mio.

I found what appeared to be a good deal online and we now have enough nappies to last him for 2 years!

We compared this cost to the cost of using disposable nappies and even when factoring in the cost of electricity for the washing machine, reuseable nappies were considerably cheaper. Others have prepared even more detailed evaluations. Of course, we were concerned about the environmental impact as much, if not more so, than the financial.

When we packed our hospital bag we tried to take everything on the list as advised by the midwives. To clean baby, we were told to bring cotton wool pads. Whilst this seemed like a great idea (and better than using wipes), we could still see that this would generate a lot of waste.

Model sewing machine © by David Hilowitz

Therefore, with the help of my mother-in-law and her sewing skills, I bought some material and decided to make my own reuseable wipes. I read several articles online which suggested using flannel and found some which was both organic and unbleached, which would be kindest for baby.

We have been using them for 2 months now (time is flying by…) and they are still holding up well. The more they are used, the more absorbent they seem to be.

Do you have any suggestions for other homemade baby products that I could make?