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It’s not exactly vegetarian country around here

Here’s a photo from the recent village fête:

Local lambs, cooking meswi. Later served with salad and haricot.

Though we eat a lot of vegetarian food to help manage the environmental (and economic) impact of our diet,  we’re not vegetarian. And when we eat meat we like to know as much about it’s story as possible. In this case, the lambs were reared by a friend of a friend. We’re not on first name terms, but maybe we will be by this time next year (more likely once I can pronounce a few of the more obscure French names too!).

As for the fête, the social committee organise drinks and dinner for the whole village, who in turn make a contribution to the committee. It’s a lovely community event with the vast majority of the village turning out. In this way, food really can contribute to society.

Couiza Bio Festival

Festival entrance

Last weekend we visited the (14th!) annual Bio (Organic) festival in Couiza.

We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but were hopeful to see like-minded people and enjoy the surroundings with baby.

Alongside the produce market (fruits, vegetables, honey, bread, cheese, wine, herbs, seeds…) were craftspeople (selling clothes, handmade leather shoes, wicker baskets, tools, pottery, children’s toys), demonstrators, films, lectures and a whole area dedicated to green building/construction.

Bio market

The location was beautiful – stalls set alongside the river Aude – and the weather just perfect.

I especially enjoyed a stall where a lady had recycled children’s clothes into handbags – very creative! The place was full of families who would have probably been interested in the section for clothes swaps. Had we known this was here we would have brought the many clothes baby has now grown out of!

We didn’t stay for too long but I am already looking forward to the next festival when my french will hopefully be considerably better. One of the talks was about the role of the midwife in France – in the UK I was told to have a home birth next time so it would have been useful to listen to that lecture!

Market stalls



Local festival for organic farming ethics

L'Aude a la BioI spotted this poster when were out exploring the other day. It looks like a great event, so hopefully we’ll make it along for at least some of it.

It’s being run by a local association who are working to bring together producers and consumers of organic, ethically produced foods from the local area.

This is the website for Nature & Progress