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Raw super-infused chocolate layer birthday cake

For Shake’s birthday he asked me to make a special cake that we had seen on the wonderful and inspiring¬†Green Kitchen Stories.

This was a cake with a difference for us; completely raw and with no added sugar!

The recipe was very simple to follow, but given the four different layers there were several steps involved. Due to the lack of time I had to find the required ingredients (we love you baby bakenshake!) I had to make a few amendments:

  • I couldn’t find coconut butter but used coconut oil and melted it as per the recipe in a small bowl of warm water.
  • Instead of nettle powder, I used the tea leaves from a nettle teabag we had in the cupboard, this meant that the colour wasn’t bright green but was still delicious.
  • I added a few tablespoons of a matcha tea we have to try to create the green effect, but it wasn’t very successful! No harm to the flavour but wasn’t so green.
  • I used a small glug of a Naked green machine juice we like which includes spinach (plus some other good things)
  • I omitted the peppermint essence and am not sure if I would include it next time if I find any, this layer was delicious as it was.

I really cannot recommend this cake this cake enough. It has been enjoyed by all of our family this weekend, old and young, despite what may be unusual ingredients for some. The combination of flavours works so well and it is both a pretty and interesting cake to look at.

Do let me know if you make it and any amendments you make to the recipe.

I’m definitely going to make the fudge layer again and divide it into small pieces for when I’m in need of a treat :)