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Our everyday life: week 42

So Shake baked this week! Joy’s sweet potato chocolate chip cookies. No one could guess there was a vegetable in there! Insanely good.


C is getting artsy at nursery!


Although he would rather suck the straw…


Sugar free (ish - you can see the dark chocolate chips!) banana granola bars. Yummy!


Shake is studying to finish (after, uh, seven years?) his OU degree so is waking at 5am EVERY DAY to study before C and I get up. As his reward, he bought a coffee machine and makes me a latte when I eventually get up (at 6am, I’m not that lazy!).


Morning coffee with a serenade from C.


At least someone appreciates rain. PUDDLES (and cute new coat – thank you non-god parents)


One of my very oldest friends sent me a dvd completely out of the blue from when we were 8. 1992. I feel OLD!


Shake and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week! I couldn’t be luckier. X


We shared a couple of treats :)


C found a tape measure (don’t ask!) and I found him measuring things around the house. Adorable.


Knitting for my dear friend’s baby girl – she is outgrowing the booties I made last year!


Something for my cousin – a little Dutch treat for when she visits us :)


Wishing you a happy and healthy week!


Our everyday life: week 13

Trying something new with my knitting. Currently failing ;)


Shake’s KitchenAid bread


Pretty pink house with pretty pink blossom


Play Planet! Baby heaven


Falling asleep on our walk home


Grateful to be 30 seconds from a park


C moved this chair and not long after climbed onto the sofa. Sneaky!


Baking an Easter fudge cake


Covering EVERYTHING with icing sugar


Shake’s masterpiece…


Where C has spent most of this week. Hello clingy!


Enjoying some rare sunshine on the swings


Apple Jalousie for Easter


Happy Easter :)




Crafty activists

A few weeks ago I came across this initiative and it really, really stuck with me.

Every year, 2.3 million children die because they don’t get enough of the right food.

Doesn’t that just make you sick?

Whilst I am pretty useless at all things crafty, I wanted to put my “free-time” to good use and try to learn something at the same too.

I mentioned months ago that once we were settled here, one of my goals was to learn to use our sewing machine. Well, I still don’t have any power supply for our machine(!) but I did start to use my mum’s.

I say started, as I actually broke it. Not sure how…

Fortunately, it turns out that in the village on Tuesday afternoons the ladies (men welcome too!) hold a craft group. You can turn up with your own projects or take part in something else, with the group supplies (last week it was mosaïque)

For an annual fee of €5 I can’t go wrong, especially when there is homemade cake and a tisane involved at the end of the afternoon ;)

Baby comes along with me and the ladies just swoon at his charms. He has them (and me, naturally) wrapped around his chubby little fingers!

All of this blabber is just to explain that as our machine(s) are out of action, the ladies are going to help me use the group sewing machine.

Above is my jigsaw piece terribly traced and cut out and ready to sew, I think. I still need to decide on my message.

If you have the time and inclination, why not become a crafty activist too? Or consider signing the petition.

In the meantime I have been busy knitting a few bits and pieces. I’m feeling inspired, especially with a special baby girl due to arrive mid-January! [OOPS – just to clarify, this isn’t our baby girl…! Sorry!]

In my knitting bag I also found the beginnings of a glove I bought the materials for two years ago and gave up when I got to a part I didn’t know how to do. Oh my. I’ve now got a lovely group who can explain how to do it – it makes such a difference to me.

So, baby boy has a winter hat and some booties to keep those lovely little toes cosy on our afternoon walks and future baby girl will have a few more bits and pieces. Maybe then I will finish those gloves of mine :)