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#imapiece – a crafty update

I am cringing at these photographs, but my intentions were good.

Shake has had to put up with me complaining about my lack of skills an awful lot recently. I was planning to sew this properly¬†at craft club, but baby hasn’t been napping so well during the day and I just can’t bear to take a grumbling boy out to see people.

It’s silly, I know. The ladies keep telling me they want to see him but I just don’t relax if he isn’t “himself”.

So, as a result I had to sew the shape by hand which I’ve never done before, hence the stupid looking shape. I also have very little free time and even less patience…

It doesn’t matter though. My piece will be part of a bigger picture, with an important message.

Why not get involved too? If I can, anyone can! (You can even buy a kit now…)