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Our everyday life: week 42

So Shake baked this week! Joy’s sweet potato chocolate chip cookies. No one could guess there was a vegetable in there! Insanely good.


C is getting artsy at nursery!


Although he would rather suck the straw…


Sugar free (ish - you can see the dark chocolate chips!) banana granola bars. Yummy!


Shake is studying to finish (after, uh, seven years?) his OU degree so is waking at 5am EVERY DAY to study before C and I get up. As his reward, he bought a coffee machine and makes me a latte when I eventually get up (at 6am, I’m not that lazy!).


Morning coffee with a serenade from C.


At least someone appreciates rain. PUDDLES (and cute new coat – thank you non-god parents)


One of my very oldest friends sent me a dvd completely out of the blue from when we were 8. 1992. I feel OLD!


Shake and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week! I couldn’t be luckier. X


We shared a couple of treats :)


C found a tape measure (don’t ask!) and I found him measuring things around the house. Adorable.


Knitting for my dear friend’s baby girl – she is outgrowing the booties I made last year!


Something for my cousin – a little Dutch treat for when she visits us :)


Wishing you a happy and healthy week!


Favourite posts this week

I’m sorry I missed the post last week. After some stormy days we lost normal internet for almost a week and Shake’s backup satellite internet for work was almost all used up by Skype (oops!) and what was left was too slow for me to use properly…

:: Guardian/OFM 20 best cookbooks of 2012. Do you agree?

:: What the British say and what they really mean! Very unlike the French who love to tell you how it is…

:: Mulled Wine – YES! Another reason I love this time of year.

:: Go Sainsburys! Great news about sustainable fish, which we are struggling to find over here…

:: We aren’t buying baby anything for Christmas, but will keep this post on ethical toys in mind in case anyone else wants to, and for next year too!

:: Ottolenghi’s spice cookies from Luisa look amazing!

:: Winter food in pictures. Cute.

:: Mmm another post from Mr Lebovitz this week. Looks delicious.

:: Caramelized beetroot tarte tartin – on my “to make soon” list.

:: I also have an avocado problem. This recipe won’t help, but will undoubtedly be yummy.

:: This video made us both chuckle – I am sure if I had Instagram I’d be doing all of this too…I’m friggin’ Michelangelo ;)

Right, have to dash, baby eating cat food (that’s ok right?), homework to be done, presents to be finished, rooms to be tidied, dinner to be prepped, siblings to be called….






Favourite posts this week

Afternoon walk companion

:: My sister-in-law makes the best cinnamon rolls. I want to make her these ones.

:: Luisa just had a baby, released a book and went on a book tour. She still has time to make awesome cookies. I don’t know how she does it!

:: I love to hear how people manage work/life/children etc. “Daddy day” sounds great to me!

:: We don’t have a microwave, but if we did we would probably eat chocolate fondants every day (recipe in french).

:: What an incredible place for kids to spend time – love, love love.

:: The photos! The meringues! The lifestyle! I’m not saying I wish I could be someone else..but if I could… ;)

:: A Superhealth Community – so many important points here.

:: Three very good things indeed – but I’d go for the pistachio honey.

:: Please, please, please someone come and make me these scones. Thanks!

:: Geometric Food Art – how creative!

:: Fascinating to read what these foodies eat during the day.

:: For those of you in the UK with Sky, have you seen Girls? We watched the whole series in 2 days – watch it!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend




Favourite posts this week

The village

Two moving posts about motherhood that touched my heart this week. It has been a tough one.

This is something I really should be doing. These 5 months have gone by so quickly!

Hooray for les vacances! When you live in such a beautiful country why go anywhere else?

I miss our chickens. When we (eventually) get some more, I’ll be sure to make some curd too.

We have cherry tomatoes all over the garden – we shall make this soon.

I’m sorry, but I love Joy. I want these cookies.

Foods to make rather than buy – we already do some of these but there are many more we could try.

Shake sent me this. He is an awesome husband (and father).

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!



Oatmeal cookies

Are you seeing a pattern here? I promise I do cook savoury things too…

These cookies are for a friend of mine who is poorly at the moment. That’s an understatement to be honest, but I don’t really want to talk about it.

Instead, I’ll just do what comes to mind – bake something for her.

The recipe comes from Rachel Allen’s Bake and I love it. It’s so simple and the cookies come together in no time. I made half with raisins and half with dark chocolate chips.

I made a few adjustments. I used less sugar (200g rather than 220g) but I think they could cope with even less. I also didn’t use a mixer as I am lazy (sometimes) and prefer to mix by hand. I like the process, it relaxes me :)

I don’t have much else to say at the moment. It’s been a bit of a blah week with sicknesses, baby jabs, bad dreams which stick around too long and miserable weather. I promise I will perk up soon!

Next week should be fun – my best friend is getting married and I am a bridesmaid!

My mum is coming over from France for a few days. She hasn’t seen the boy since he was one week old. My how he has changed…

I found a great mum/baby group this week with like-minded people and will enjoy meeting up with them until we leave.

What are your plans for the next week?

Oh, and before I forget, I saw this which made me smile!