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Sorting out our tools

Tools for the job, including ‘Golf-club-like hacking device’

The other morning, I got out early to try and clear the aquaponics patch before the heat of the day sent me back indoors. I sharpened up my ‘Golf-club-like hacking device’ (official name is a mystery to me) and stepped outside to thunder and lightning. Now my years of playing golf as a child are very useful for using the ‘Golf-club-like hacking device’, but they also taught me not to swing a metal stick about in a thunderstorm.

So I did the slightly less exciting job of sorting out the tools we dumped here on our last holiday. We have an odd bunch, some are extremely cheap and others much more expensive with nothing much in the mid range. The cheap tools were from the very time we first had a garden and didn’t know what we were doing, and the expensive tools came a year later once we had come to care about working in the garden. The only reason the cheap tools are still in once piece is that they are so horrible to work with they rarely get used. But I can’t bring myself to throw them out, as they might be a useful backup sometime.

I also found a toolbox that always puts a smile on my face. While some of our tools are cheap, and others are expensive, these ones are priceless…

My first toolbox

It’ll be another few years before our boy can start playing with these, but I hope he gets as much pleasure from them as I did. Please note the metal hammer, and the real blade in that plane. I don’t know if toys still come with sharp edges these days so I’ll be looking after these carefully just in case they don’t.