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Our everyday life: week 9

We returned from the UK to a few days of snow – beautiful.


The village caretaker/hero, clearing the roads.


We’ve been trying to introduce cups and water. Early days, early days…


We have also spent a lot of time hiding :)


Potato love


Someone is a better cleaner than his mama


Saturday treat – mini chocolate beignets


Ahem – another treat. These cocoa brownies really are chewy, fudgy heaven.


Progress! Will accept water from glass if held for him.


Apple cake for family Sunday lunch. Delicious, but completely fell apart out of the tin. Oh well.




Favourite posts this week


I’m sorry I missed this last week, but we had our friends here and I was too disorganised to arrange in advance…

:: I am slightly in awe of this woman – wow. Ok, I love her.

:: Brownie sandwich cookies? Amazing! I might even just make them as cookies.

:: Pudding! Butterscotch flavoured! With bananas! Rum too!

:: As a chartered accountant (apparently ;)) this news made me happy!

:: The planner in me (I love lists!) is fascinated by Dana’s take onĀ dinner party planning.

:: We had some nappy free time this week (thanks nappy rash) but couldn’t say we would be able to go the whole way like these guys. So impressive! Maybe with baby#2, whenever that may be!

:: How many slaves work for you? I have 37 apparently, mainly due to kids toys. Only second hand/fair trade for this boy from us, though.

:: Since he was given a macaron last week, I have been thinking about sugar free treats for our boy. These lemon and coconut bars might work?

:: These photographs are really stunning. I’d love someone to make me those tarts.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend