Our everyday life: week 52

I can’t believe it’s 2014. I can’t believe we’ve completed a whole year of “Our everyday life”.

Sorry it’s late, but here’s how the last week looked:

Icy car, no scraper, using Peter Rabbit book to help :)


Early morning (cold!) walk in beautiful sunshine. Much better than the storms and floods all around us.


But storms and floods mean lots of “muddles” (C’s word for muddy puddles) to reflect on and jump in ;)


Holiday snacks – maple spiced nuts. Made it up as we went along, but people raved about them!


We bought C just one gift for Christmas, a boy doll called Mike. They seem to be getting along so far!


Huge fan of his dinosaur backpack (aka walking reins!), he wore them ALL DAY!


Merry Christmas! Our sister-in-law cooked for all, but I made bread sauce, smoked salmon pate and Shake baked bread. A very good food day!


C danced all day with Father Christmas.


Nuts were gobbled and we lasted about 5 minutes playing a very old version of Trivial Pursuit. It was too hard for those of us under 40!


A lovely birthday treat – brunch with my love.

IMG_20131224_085627Happy New Year to you all, hope it’s a good one for you :)



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