Our everyday life: week 1 and 2

I’ve debated continuing with this, but having gone back to look at week 1 of 2013 it’s amazing how much I have forgotten and how many memories are in these photos. So, here we are, albeit a little late ;)

Shake and I took C to a new-ish gallery with a Robot/Alien exhibition. It kept them both entertained for a while :)


Not even scared…


Old skool


We spent New Year’s Eve with the sweetest friends (with such an awesome house) eating delicious food, drinking too much wine, playing Articulate and watching Jools. Perfect!!


Super paella!


The next morning C woke up at 7am!! Hooray!! He then played the drums, ouch.


Weekend café lunch after failing to buy a house. Boo hoo. Oh well, hummus sandwich and excellent coffee made up for it :)


Decapitated gingerbread man. Notice the awesome new slippers for C!


It doesn’t look pretty, but this was a darn good fish pie!


A really lovely gift all the way from Uganda.


I had to pop to the bank in town and unfortunately it’s opposite Anthropologie. I have a voucher, so veeerrrry quickly had to try a few things on. No luck with these guys, but I might just move in anyway!


This photo sums up the past 4 days. Horrible sick bug. He couldn’t even keep his body upright.


Only bonus of poorly boy = so many cuddles!


Not pictured – 1,000,000 hours watching Breaking Bad (just about to start series 5!), washing clothes x 100, making up work missed in the evenings, 600 hours of house hunting, time spent baking – almost NIL! *Some exaggerations apply.

Wishing you a happy and a healthy start to 2014!!



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