Our everyday life: week 48

We sure aren’t quiet when we go to the library! One of our local library’s has this awesome kiddy den chair!


After three weeks of being really under the weather I forced myself to go to the doctor. Their advice? Wait another week and see if you feel better.Baaaah!


C and his pal E causing trouble by the river. We joke that they will be up to similar tricks in 15 years…


Friday night, girls’ night. Nachos for three. Next time I’m not being polite, I’ll eat pudding on my own if I have to ;)


Although he is fast asleep (at long last) he isn’t letting go of Pig!


It sends a shiver down my spine each time we go to this babygroup – it’s held in the exam hall for my ACA exams!! Doesn’t bother C though!


Trying to let C explore boundaries without shouting “careful! watch out!” the whole time. Hard, at times like these…


Shake and C watching me complete my tax return. Exciting times this week!


Ginger love heart.


I decided to take part in Food Blogger Cooke Swap this year – recipe up next week! – here’s a glimpse into what I made for 3 other bloggers…


…and here they are packaged and ready to go!


Shake decided to bake this week and I honestly can’t stop thinking about (and eating) this cake. Another Ottolenghi winner! He used rum though, because I love it :)


Wishing you a happy and healthy week!



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