Our everyday life: week 46

Very few photos this week as we have basically been sick with nasty colds and haven’t been that busy! We did look to buy a house, but it had sold (within 4 days!) before we could make an offer. Sad!

First gingerbread man? Not sure which limb to munch first ;)


C has a notebook which we draw in together. On each page there is at least one lorry, obsessed!


New smile! I think it’s adorable :)


Our one trip out this week was one we couldn’t cancel! A work charity quiz night, which was actually quite good fun. To top it off, we came 3rd out of 25 teams – my big boss was there too, phew! They served a ploughmans meal halfway through whilst we tried to identify random celebrities.


Nanny knitted C a new cardigan – it fits!


Pink Panther paid C a flying visit (thanks to Daddy ;) )


Hope you have a happy and healthy week – we need one too!!



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