Our everyday life: week 42

So Shake baked this week! Joy’s sweet potato chocolate chip cookies. No one could guess there was a vegetable in there! Insanely good.


C is getting artsy at nursery!


Although he would rather suck the straw…


Sugar free (ish - you can see the dark chocolate chips!) banana granola bars. Yummy!


Shake is studying to finish (after, uh, seven years?) his OU degree so is waking at 5am EVERY DAY to study before C and I get up. As his reward, he bought a coffee machine and makes me a latte when I eventually get up (at 6am, I’m not that lazy!).


Morning coffee with a serenade from C.


At least someone appreciates rain. PUDDLES (and cute new coat – thank you non-god parents)


One of my very oldest friends sent me a dvd completely out of the blue from when we were 8. 1992. I feel OLD!


Shake and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week! I couldn’t be luckier. X


We shared a couple of treats :)


C found a tape measure (don’t ask!) and I found him measuring things around the house. Adorable.


Knitting for my dear friend’s baby girl – she is outgrowing the booties I made last year!


Something for my cousin – a little Dutch treat for when she visits us :)


Wishing you a happy and healthy week!


6 thoughts on “Our everyday life: week 42

  1. Iris

    6am is definitely not lazy – on the contrary, that’s quite remarkable! (for one who moans at the alarm going off at 7, at least :P) You most definitely deserve to be rewarded with a latte, especially if someone special’s treating you to it :)

  2. Chucky

    I want those cookies and the sugar-free (ish) bars and the latte…. and… and… poffertjes! Also, Shake makes me feel *so* lazy. That’s dedication, getting up at 5 am…! x


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