Our everyday life: week 39

An extra guest at the dinner table this week ;)


This glass shelf, and those frames, fell on top of me for no reason the other night. I was in shock for a while! Well done Ikea and your shatterproof glass. Phew!


Enjoying the sunset on the train to London. Trying to avoid eye-contact with the drunkard who sat next to me (on an empty train…).


I was actually on the train to meet this awesomely sweet lady. I hate to add a photo of myself, but I don’t want to forget about meeting one of my idols :) One night in London for her cookbook tour – so lucky I was online at the right time to snap up a ticket.


Several lovely London bloggers made goodies from the book for the evening. Menu included: Brownie roll-out cookies (a huge fan of these), red wine velvet cake, peanut butter and chocolate cookies, coffee toffee (delicious!), blackberry polenta cake and plenty more. I only wish I had room to try them all.


The following day I had even MORE cake at our work Macmillan bake sale. I made a chocolate Guinness cake (because it’s the best) and double chocolate cookies, but also had to sample what everyone else made too…


I have a poorly laptop :( I am temporarily using Shake’s teeny weeny spare laptop. I don’t understand how to use it (touchscreen?) so I will be amazed if this post even works!


My dad sent me this as a surprise in the post! My childhood best friend – Humpty Dumpty. For a few minutes I felt like a baby again, but then C took it off my hands!


Much needed park trip to burn off some feisty energy ;)


Charity shop bargain – we love these mugs! My Uncle told me these are the type that he and my mum would have been embarrassed to have had at home (in the 70s). Hehe.


My sweet cousin moving into her Uni dorms. The girl did good! She deserves it, too. Note C sleeping in the corner!


We had such a delicious lunch here, simple but just what we were all craving! I also love that my Uncle came here when he was a student.


See, told you it was delicious (and healthy!).


First real train ride – loved it! Sorry fellow passengers…but at least he was friendly :)


Wow! This was a busy week.



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