Our everyday life: week 37

I think we may be venturing into the land of “terrible twos” 6 months early…C wasn’t allowed a grape, after honestly eating about 15, and this is how he responded. Oh dear!


In a bid to cheer us both up, went for a mummy/son coffee (cookie) date! I love these oat, pecan and chocolate cookies and am still yet to make my own version. Slacker!


I made a lemon and yoghurt loaf the other night when Shake was out. Two days later I decided the best thing for it was french toast. We added bananas which makes it healthy, right? Insanely good Saturday morning breakfast!


Helping Shake with some measuring :)


Shake made this box as a spare seat and storage for C’s blankets, but the lid came off and we decided it was time for a change. Notice the blanket I knitted when we found out we were having a baby but didn’t know the flavour :)


This canvas makes us laugh. We have had it far too long and Shake has never had the right time to paint something. It has little marks here and there so quite a few visitors have thought it was meant to look like this – like we have extremely obnoxious artistic taste ;)


Off to see some friends for Sunday lunch. I made chocolate guinness cake (but later topped it with cream cheese frosting). It really is so good and reminds me what a good choice it was for our wedding cake!


Last minute trip to Ikea. View from the Ergo! Found the cutest cake stand at a bargain price. Happy!


So for Sunday lunch we not only had my cake, but our friends made an awesome chocolate cherry trifle (inspired by a recent GBBO episode). Too much for 4 people…


…especially as they made one (booze-free) for C too!!


Wishing you a happy and healthy week!



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