Our everyday life: week 35

Only one photo this week not of Amsterdam – sorry!

These plums were picked from my sister-in-law’s tree. I had little time that night to make anything, so they have been sliced in half, de-stoned and frozen until I can do something with them!


C’s first “babyccino”. Who can say no to free, frothy milk? Or such a cutie with a milk moustache!?


We made it to Amsterdam! First meal - dutch pancakes as recommended by our Amsterdam neighbour. (Bacon and apple very tasty!) C had the “car” pizza, so called because it came with a huge toy car! Very random!


Love love love this house-boat property – just not sure I could cope with everyone seeing into my house…


Shake and my cousin couldn’t decide which beers to buy, so they tried one of each. Some more successful than others, apparently.


Impressed that my cousin cycled through town to bring us these pastries. Plum tart, coffee éclair (my standard choice) and a super rich chocolate tart. All delicious.


After a few minutes nibbling…


As I don’t drink beer I had to “make do” with wine – hard to choose something after all that time living in the land of wine but this one was a winner, not only for the name!


Standard breakfast – coffee and stroopwafel. I could get used to this!


Lessons on keeping a child entertained in a restaurant: give him half a coconut (not full of beer).


We visited an Ethiopian restaurant just down the road from our apartment. The food was incredible! These samosas were perfectly crispy and full of flavour. 20130901_164437

This dish was shared by the three of us plus C – what a trooper! Variations of meat (lamb, ground beef, veal) with chickpeas, two lentil dishes, goats cheese, spinach. The pancakes are called “enjera” and had a mild sourdough flavour. Perfect to soak up all of the spices.


A morning stroll through Vondelpark. The weather was a little chilly but there was a lovely vibe with thousands of runners and cyclists.


Impromptu picnic (read C unable to sit still in a restaurant, so we left!) overlooking some cultural event. Turned out well in the end!


Finally, a little bit of history. Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop. Don’t worry, we didn’t take C in there ;)


Lovely, very family-friendly café on our last day. If only the kitchen had been open when we arrived at opening time. The coffee was delicious, imagine the food would be good too.


Why not, huh?


Wishing you all a happy week!

We are recovering from severe sleep deprivation but enjoying some unexpected September sunshine :)



2 thoughts on “Our everyday life: week 35

  1. Iris

    You had me at the Dutch Pancake picture. And the pastries. And the boathouse. And the stroopwafel. I shall do everything that’s in my power to plan a trip to Amsterdam next year!


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