Our everyday life: week 34

We three went to the wedding of two dear friends this weekend. It was so much fun, although tricky to find something appropriate for C to wear without breaking the bank…


C’s grandparents babysat for the wedding evening (woop!). This pretty much sums up our night :)


O.M.G. Can’t freakin’ wait!


Shake made more cheesey brioche. Superstar!


I love looking at the cute houses around us when I go for my evening jog. Check out the shutter love.


Hmm. Maybe a little too young to paint his nails, but he certainly understands how!


Lovely baptism for the sweetest little girl. The volume of cake afterwards was insane – home made scones were my favourite though :)


Wishing you all a lovely week – we are off to Amsterdam this weekend (hand luggage only, yikes)! Can’t wait! If you have any suggestions for us, do share…



8 thoughts on “Our everyday life: week 34

  1. Claire

    Yay! The scones got a mention! The amount of cake leftover was insane!! Thank you for the brownies, have fun in amsterdam xx

  2. Iris

    I have to say I’m a little jealous of your trip to Amsterdam – that’s one of the cities I always wanted to visit, too! Hope you enjoy it, and come back with lots of travelling tips :)

    Also, where’s that Anthropologie store opening? I’ve never been to one, but heard lots about it, and am really curious to try…

    1. bake Post author

      It was such a lovely city, felt really safe and relaxed. Tip – don’t take an 18m old! But seriously, you should go one day. Anthropologie is opening in Guildford where we live. Think it’s only the third store in the UK which is pretty cool. Imagine I’ll only buy things from the sale, but it’ll be pretty to wander around. Let me know if you come down to check it out :) xoxo

      1. Iris

        Ha, that sounds like a sign of fate – the train I take every morning to get to work in Wimbledon is one that goes to Guildford! All seems to suggest I should take a trip down there one day…


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