Our everyday life: week 33

Last Tuesday I tried to do way too many things after work – run, cook, clean, tidy, bake cakes AND C snacks. The result was that I accidentally grilled the cakes for my friend (twice). The whole kitchen was full of smoke (twice).


C taking over my brother’s new house. Nothing new there ;) (Btw their house is fabulous! Can’t believe how settled in they were after just two days!).


These crazy flowers came out from nowhere in the garden.

IMG_2328 Here’s Shake’s close up…IMG_2359

I don’t know who found it funnier that C likes to wear Mama’s shoes. Oh, and grateful for nursery having spare clothes – oops.


Beautiful sky last night, but I couldn’t quite capture it as well as I would have liked.


Macarons using the KitchenAid. Huge difference compared to whisking by hand. These were vanilla with a choc/hazlenut spread (about 1000% better than Nutella) for our friends.


Almost 1 week later and those cakes are still there. Even the birds and foxes aren’t interested! I guess they should go in the bin now…


Wishing you a happy and healthy week



4 thoughts on “Our everyday life: week 33

  1. Iris

    Your picture of the cakes left in the garden made me smile. I once had a flatmate who baked cupcakes that went horribly wrong, and out of sheer rage, she scattered them across the grass in the garden instead than putting them in the bin. The next day, my other flatmate told me to look outside – three neighbours’ cats were feasting on the abandoned cupcakes! It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in my shared household experience, and I still laugh when I think of it :)

    1. bake Post author

      Hehe that made me laugh too! Quite sad that not even the cats here will eat these cakes ;) I blame the carrot, too healthy! xoxo


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