Our everyday life: week 32

C found it hysterical when he accidentally exploded his water bottle all over his face. Hmm!


Treats from work (sort of following my home-made only criteria). Afternoon cupcakes to celebrate a colleague getting married and in honour of the end of Ramadan someone brought in AMAZING baklava type goodies.


I took some of my granola to work as a lunchtime snack but was more than a little disappointed to find my yoghurt had turned bad. Ew. Oh, and yes it’s in a teacup, I couldn’t find a bowl!


I promise he asked for help to get into that box!


Date night at the wedding of my colleague. We had fun playing Black Jack ;)


The aftermath of having two other kiddies and their mamas over. This was the tidy half of the house!


Pretty (delicious!) Apricots. Will share what I did soon-ish I hope!


Sunday night = pizza night. Shake tried out a new dough recipe (slow fermented something-or-rather) and I made a BBQ type sauce. It was a good way to end the week :)


Hope yours was a good week too!



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