Our everyday life: week 31

So lucky to have this little guy to share meals (and life!) with :)


I made a deal with myself when I went back to work that I’d only eat cakes if they were homemade, otherwise it’s lethal. This little rainbow one was cheerful for a Tuesday morning (excuse the banana skin and my pens).


Delighted to see so many bumble bees around at the moment.


Picnic fun with friends and really making the most of our NT pass this year.


This guy LOVES music…


…so we were extra grateful for this toy that his cousins have outgrown.


So chuffed to find some of my cookie dough in the freezer. 10 minutes later, bam! Btw, where has Californication been all my life? We have whizzed through season 1 these past two weeks and hope the next seasons are just as good…


Wishing you a happy week!



6 thoughts on “Our everyday life: week 31

    1. bake Post author

      Haha thanks! My mum and I both play saxophone so it’s especially fun for me to see him pick it up! xoxo

  1. Michelle

    Californication – one of my most favourite TV programmes, it just keeps getting better.
    Love the rainbow cake.

    1. bake Post author

      SO excited to hear it gets better!! Need a break for a week, but then I think we will crack on with season 2 :) xoxo

  2. chloe

    Ah! I have not managed to regularly watch any telly series since I started blogging and I now realise I AM REALLY MISSING OUT. My dear S it seems is also missing out on having one of those amazing multi-function musical instrument things, what a lovely toy! xxx

    1. bake Post author

      Hehe there are far better things to be doing than watching telly :) BUT, when you do feel the need to switch off for a while Californication is a must! Oh and it is a lovely toy, so lucky they were happy to give it away. Noisy though!! xoxo


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