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Our everyday life: week 34

We three went to the wedding of two dear friends this weekend. It was so much fun, although tricky to find something appropriate for C to wear without breaking the bank…


C’s grandparents babysat for the wedding evening (woop!). This pretty much sums up our night :)


O.M.G. Can’t freakin’ wait!


Shake made more cheesey brioche. Superstar!


I love looking at the cute houses around us when I go for my evening jog. Check out the shutter love.


Hmm. Maybe a little too young to paint his nails, but he certainly understands how!


Lovely baptism for the sweetest little girl. The volume of cake afterwards was insane – home made scones were my favourite though :)


Wishing you all a lovely week – we are off to Amsterdam this weekend (hand luggage only, yikes)! Can’t wait! If you have any suggestions for us, do share…



Our everyday life: week 33

Last Tuesday I tried to do way too many things after work – run, cook, clean, tidy, bake cakes AND C snacks. The result was that I accidentally grilled the cakes for my friend (twice). The whole kitchen was full of smoke (twice).


C taking over my brother’s new house. Nothing new there ;) (Btw their house is fabulous! Can’t believe how settled in they were after just two days!).


These crazy flowers came out from nowhere in the garden.

IMG_2328 Here’s Shake’s close up…IMG_2359

I don’t know who found it funnier that C likes to wear Mama’s shoes. Oh, and grateful for nursery having spare clothes – oops.


Beautiful sky last night, but I couldn’t quite capture it as well as I would have liked.


Macarons using the KitchenAid. Huge difference compared to whisking by hand. These were vanilla with a choc/hazlenut spread (about 1000% better than Nutella) for our friends.


Almost 1 week later and those cakes are still there. Even the birds and foxes aren’t interested! I guess they should go in the bin now…


Wishing you a happy and healthy week



Favourite posts this week


:: This glass house is so beautiful

:: Speaking of beautiful, I love Audrey

:: Absolutely going to make this for C when he is older. Too cute!

:: Completely jealous of this adorable family and their upcoming adventures, will be keeping an eye on what they get up to :)

:: Not a melon fan, but these photos are stunning

:: Brownies + ganache + pistachios = weekend treat!

:: Now for a slightly healthier weekend treat, berry tart

This weekend C’s nursery is hosting a summer party which should be fun, plus we get to see my brother and sister-in-law who are moving back to the area. HAPPY!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Baked Vanilla Apricots with Rosé


What’s the difference between a recipe and a method? This isn’t a joke, nor a trick question, but what comes to mind when I think about these apricots.

There is so little to be said and done here that I am almost hesitant to share. But Molly did, so here is my take on her apricot recipe/method/whatever:

  • Gather apricots
  • Slice in half, remove stone
  • Dip cut side into sugar of your choice and lay with sugared side up in a baking dish
  • Split vanilla pod, scoop and scatter the seeds over the apricots (or use vanilla sugar, as I did)
  • Grab a wine glass, fill with wine (I used this – it was GOOD), pour into baking dish
  • Place dish in preheated oven (180 deg C) and bake for about 35 minutes (or as Molly so perfectly puts it, until the apricots feel “heavy, slack, almost jiggly, like a slightly tired water balloon’”. Excellent!
  • Serve your apricots (warm or cold) with yoghurt, ice cream, nothing at all, but please don’t forget to splash some of that wine syrup over them.





Our everyday life: week 32

C found it hysterical when he accidentally exploded his water bottle all over his face. Hmm!


Treats from work (sort of following my home-made only criteria). Afternoon cupcakes to celebrate a colleague getting married and in honour of the end of Ramadan someone brought in AMAZING baklava type goodies.


I took some of my granola to work as a lunchtime snack but was more than a little disappointed to find my yoghurt had turned bad. Ew. Oh, and yes it’s in a teacup, I couldn’t find a bowl!


I promise he asked for help to get into that box!


Date night at the wedding of my colleague. We had fun playing Black Jack ;)


The aftermath of having two other kiddies and their mamas over. This was the tidy half of the house!


Pretty (delicious!) Apricots. Will share what I did soon-ish I hope!


Sunday night = pizza night. Shake tried out a new dough recipe (slow fermented something-or-rather) and I made a BBQ type sauce. It was a good way to end the week :)


Hope yours was a good week too!



Our everyday life: week 31

So lucky to have this little guy to share meals (and life!) with :)


I made a deal with myself when I went back to work that I’d only eat cakes if they were homemade, otherwise it’s lethal. This little rainbow one was cheerful for a Tuesday morning (excuse the banana skin and my pens).


Delighted to see so many bumble bees around at the moment.


Picnic fun with friends and really making the most of our NT pass this year.


This guy LOVES music…


…so we were extra grateful for this toy that his cousins have outgrown.


So chuffed to find some of my cookie dough in the freezer. 10 minutes later, bam! Btw, where has Californication been all my life? We have whizzed through season 1 these past two weeks and hope the next seasons are just as good…


Wishing you a happy week!



Favourite posts this week


All grown up. Sigh!

:: We are thinking about cutting back on our beloved coffee, save a little money and save on the caffeine too. Can I substitute it for these pancakes?

:: Leyla has some great food photography tips (that I really need to take note of!)

:: In honour of national breastfeeding month (p.s. I love this blog)

:: I am grateful not to feel this way when I eat sugar. We don’t eat that much, but I’m not ready to quit altogether.

:: Speaking of sugar, I love this Foundations series. This week Emma looks at meringues, and they sure look beautiful.

:: Cute! Plus I’d like to live in a house like this one.

:: My kind of salad

:: Pretty looking paleo bread.(We’ll pass on the fennel, though)

Hope your weekend has been great so far! We are trying to cope with a very teethy little one. Surely the last teeth by now? So far all he has eaten today is frozen peas!