Our everyday life: week 24

I don’t know what these flowers are called, but they are growing out of the walls around our neighbourhood. I love them!


Shake made (AMAZING) bagels! He is planning to share lots of bread stories on the blog, but his list of things to do is veeeery long (ALWAYS!) Oh, and bagels, hummus and bacon is a winning combination for lunch with us.


C can’t believe it’s cold enough in JUNE to wear a mama-knitted woolly hat. Sorry, my love.


HUGE garlic clove – compared with my thumb.


We dress C like a tramp…



Planning for a late holiday next year with lovely friends. Far too excited, already.


Salad-spinning boy


Super toasted sandwich, not-quite-as-super scotch egg. Also had a cookie that I am determined to recreate at home. When I do, I will share. Promise!


A friend and I went on a knitting course this weekend. It was intense but a perfect way to spend my first day away from C. Apparently this will be a sock…


It was Father’s Day on Sunday and we spent it with many lovely people. C bought Shake some delicious whisky and it even came in a special bag (with a card, too!)


A delicious way to end the day




2 thoughts on “Our everyday life: week 24

  1. Iris

    The salad-spinning boy picture brought back so many memories from my childhood. I suddenly remember how much I loved spinning salad while my mum was preparing it, even if I’ve never been much of a salad-eater myself! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. bake Post author

      C seems to love it too – and is actually quite accurate! Whatever keeps him amused in the kitchen is fine with me :)


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