Favourite posts this week


:: Recommend listening to this reunion interview with the pioneers of the Centre for Alternative Technology. Truly inspirational people, and what a fun time they made the 70s sound!

:: I’m also a huge fan of making not buying and will try this lemon curd someday soon. Maybe with some scones and clotted cream :)

:: Love this list of “unbelievable places”, even more justification for Japan being our dream destination.

:: What people eat in one week around the world. Not sure what to say about this.

:: Roasted strawberry salad sounds interesting. WARNING: EXPLICIT RECIPE.

:: Feta and mint croquettes, toddler friendly food!

:: Coffee: a brief history

:: Stunning Spring Follies from Mimi – I’d eat it all, pleeeeease.

:: Top 10 most annoying things at dinner parties. Do you agree?

:: A long (but worth it!) article on clothing and where it comes from, especially topical after the recent tragedy in Bangladesh.

:: Really enjoying this Spilled Milk series

We won’t have internet access until Tuesday at the earliest but I promise (myself!) that I’ll make more blog effort SOON.




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