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Favourite posts this week


:: Like the idea of this photo series

:: I love these cards, and the name of the website is amazing :)

:: What does your kitchen say about you? (Mine would probably say “clean me”)

:: We found British raspberries at the market today, this Baked Alaska might be just the thing for them

:: Great interview with Ottolenghi - who knew he was a Pilates instructor!?

:: The ultimate club sandwich, indeed.

:: Things on dogs

:: I LOVE prunes, and it looks like they are making a comeback

:: This chocolate cake is my idea of heaven

:: Salads in jars – what a cool idea!

Happy Weekend!



Baby bakes – easy snack bars


When I find time, little snippets here and there, I bake something baby-friendly for C.

I feel less guilty when we are out and about if he has a snack, as anyone who knows me well will confirm I am grouchy if I don’t eat often enough. There’s always something in my bag to keep me going , so it’s only fair for C to have the same, although there are always boobies…

This morning I threw these “snack bars” together pretty quickly with whatever I found in the cupboard – nothing fancy or complex.


Baby bakes
makes approximately 9 bars

2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
1 banana, mashed
1/2 teaspoon four spice (or cinnamon, ginger…)
1 cup shredded coconut
handful oats, blended a little if very large
handful sultanas, diced
handful dates, diced
1 teaspoon agave/maple/honey(if older than one) if desired. Still tasty without!

Mix ingredients together, spoon into muffin pan or loaf tin and bake for approximately 15 minutes at 170degC.

If made in a loaf tin, leave to cool before cutting into bars.

They smell really great, but I manage to save them for C (we have home-made doughnuts, shhh!).


Our everyday life: week 21

C completely demolished his first ice cream – happy chappy!


Getting in the way of his cousins and the race track


Posting his lunch through the cat flap – cheeky!


We ended last week with a few spots on his chin. The following day he was covered. Poor poppet had impetigo. Black and white to spare you the gory details


The sweetest surprise package from a friend


So proud of him – look at that fork action!


Gorgeous afternoon light makes the olive wood even more beautiful


Happy flowers


Shake introduced C to Thomas this week! (excuse the mess/chaos)


Found this rocking horse (he calls it “donkey”) in a charity shop. Absolute bargain, great condition, happy parents and even happier C!


Shoes! He is looking so grown up wearing these :(


Grateful for lovely friends who invite us over for a BBQ and fill us up with home-grown herbs and lettuce. In exchange for home-made bread and brownies, of course ;)


Tested out my doughnut pan. Can’t seem to quite get the measurements right! Just 3/11 were rings. Tasted good though!


Just taking some mini-ponies for a walk, as you do?


Cuddles at the seaside with his Uncle :)

phone photos



Favourite posts this week


:: I really fancy making some jam and this rhubarb, vanilla and cardamom combination is just my sort of thing. Oooh but so is bacon jam – I don’t care if “it’s SO 2011″ :)

:: Would love to lick this bowl clean. Sorry, that may have been too much…

:: If I don’t make a dip with our next bunch of beetroot, I’m likely to make this gratin instead

:: Love Joel’s circus and can’t wait until C is ready for this kind of fun

:: Great photo project: Delicatessen with Love

:: How long has Geoguessr been around? It’s addictive! I’m useless!

:: Speaking of addictive, would you rather…?

Wishing you a very happy (long) weekend!



Citrus polenta cake



Where are you?

No, I’m not talking to C, I’m talking to you Sunshine.

Seriously, it’s weeks like these that I wonder why we moved away from the South of France. The weather here is pathetic!

In order to fix this, in the only way I know how, let’s bake some sunshine into our lives.

Citrus Polenta Cake
serves 10

50g polenta
200g ground almonds
50g plain flour (I used wholemeal)
1 teaspoon baking powder
125ml olive oil
100g butter, melted and cooled
3 eggs
150g caster sugar
juice and grated zest of a lemon
juice and grated zest of an orange

Mix the polenta, ground almonds, flour and baking powder together in a large bowl.

Whisk the eggs and caster sugar until pale (with machine or by hand), then slowly whisk in the oil and then the butter.

Whisk in the almond and polenta mixture, then add the lemon and orange juices followed by the zests.

Transfer the mixture to a lined baking tin (I used 20cm/8″) and bake in a preheated oven 160 / gas mark 3 for approximately 45 mins.

The cake should be slightly underdone in the middle. Leave to cool in the tray for 10 mins before removing (and eating!). It’s difficult to wait, but worth it.




Our everyday life: week 20

Making cookies for the freezer in bulk. Microwave/Oven thing tested, but can only bake 4 cookies at a time!


Sneakily stole a whole apple from the veg box…


…this is what remained after 20 minutes!


Poor cat trying to find some peace and quiet


On a very grey day when we needed to get out for some fresh air


C was happy to go for a long walk


Lots of lovely green leaves coming out


But nothing could beat all the bluebells!



IMG_1273 IMG_1281

One man we met asked C if he could see the fairies. I thought he was a bit of a weirdo until…


…a little creepy, but bless them for making the effort :)


Waving bye-bye to the cows


Sunday lunch for friends. No roast, but a very hob-friendly broad bean, lemon, meatball recipe from this book. Deeeelicious! It never lets us down! (Recipe here too)


Broad bean ghosts


Seriously can’t leave this guy alone. Trouble.


This is what happens when you run out of Greek yoghurt. Yikes!


Have a lovely week



Beetroot dip


The beauty of having a fruit and vegetable box delivered each week is never knowing quite what we are going to be eating.

Even better is when your friend also has a box but doesn’t like something so willingly leaves you with a handful of fresh beetroot!

Shake isn’t the biggest beetroot fan and I didn’t really want to deal with the mess/stains with C so I selfishly ate them all myself :) Have to admit the colour also cheered me up on some miserable grey days this week.

Beetroot dip
serves 1 for lunch for 3 days (or one large bowl)

Beetroot, roasted (I had about 7 small)
3 tablespoons yoghurt (I used Greek)
2 tablespoons cream cheese
1 clove garlic, minced
Salt and pepper to taste

Add all to blender and process until you achieve the consistency you like.

Mine wasn’t completely smooth, but I liked the occassional chunk of beetroot.

Serve with crudités to dip or on toasted (sourdough) bread for a simple lunch.



Favourite posts this week


:: It’s that time of year – How to prepare and cook artichokes

:: I’ve never had a butter tart, but this might be the one to start with

:: Fresh garlic and what to do with it. Love, love, love the use of the membranes. So clever!

:: Beautiful photos and a delicious sounding strawberry jam

:: We are absolutely going to try Joy’s white chocolate rose cake

Wishing you all a happy, healthy weekend!



Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownies


Having just moved house and not entirely stocked the kitchen, what else was I to make for visitors other than brownies? They are just so quick and simple and don’t require any pesky baking powder/soda.

My standard recipe comes from The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook (recipe online here) but for something a little more special I threw in a handful of frozen raspberries (if you can be bothered you can defrost them, I didn’t have time!) and white chocolate chunks.

Shake loves them and took some to work to “share” with colleagues, apparently ;)

So, my microwave oven monster successfully baked brownies. PHEW.

What should my next challenge be?




Our everyday life: week 18 & week 19

My Friday nights usually look like this, with a Joy the Baker podcast soundtrack :)


I swear he is better at tidying than I am…


So in love with these curls. Can’t bring myself to have them trimmed.


Trouble with a capital T


Making a birthday cake for Shake, courtesy of The Hummingbird Bakery


Missing his Mamie’s dog (also a dalmation)


Caramelized pears in honey about to be baked


I told you he was Trouble ;)


Moving day!


Shake brought one cat home from France :)


Not impressed with the stair gate


If you follow us on twitter you’ll know we found out AFTER we moved in that the house doesn’t have an oven. Sob. Instead, we have a microwave/oven combination thing. This book needs to be studied. I am scared.


Bed yet to be constructed, but cookbooks organised. Priorities, people.


Normality and recipes will resume someday soon, I hope!!