Favourite posts this week


:: I don’t work from home, but was fascinated by and so impressed with the honesty in this post about help. Food for thought for the future.

:: This salad looks delicious, and a great use of fig jam!

:: Even though we are moving away, we really want our boy to be able to speak French. This post about learning a second language is something we’ll refer to time and time again, I’m sure.

:: Broccoli and pasta soup – simple ingredients, but looks delicious. My kind of cooking!

:: Beautiful microscopic photographs of food

:: Bacon fried rice – oh yeah!

:: It’s baby’s first birthday (sob!) in two weeks and I still don’t know what to do for a cake. Maybe these brownie cakes with chocolate coconut frosting will be a hit?

Ok, that’s it for now, I have packing to finish and homework to do!



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