Our Everyday Life: Week 1

I thought I would try something new for 2013, inspired by Shutterbean, to encourage me to record the little things that happen throughout our days.
Although I say this is “our” everyday life, really it’s mine ;) Perhaps Shake will contribute now and again…

Our fridge after being so poorly with stomach virus – this was all we could manage to eat.

The final products, ready to be gifted!


Unsure what to do with our frugal Christmas decorations. At least they look pretty!


Smoked salmon scrambled eggs – using what was left from New Year’s Eve.


Lovely hand cream from lovely people, for my birthday. Smells delicious!


Now using a spoon! Not just to chew on!


Saturday afternoon walk. Breezy but beautiful weather. 


Catching up on my homework. Funny lecturer by the way :)


Starting to use some of our Iranian saffron. Vegetable tajine with Persian rice on Saturday night. 


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