Favourite posts this week

Market flowers

:: We just received an early Christmas present from my Grandpa, saffron from Iran. It’s the real deal, guys. Will try not to squirrel it away (my speciality!) and hope to make these Swedish buns. Although the recipe calls for yeast, which means I’ll pass it over to Shake ;)

:: A great series, Parents Who Cook, from one of my all-time favourite blogs. The ladies have some lucky children!

:: This post from Soulemama really makes me want to learn to cross-stitch. Adorable little works of art!

:: Yet more saffron – this time in brownie form. Yum.

:: I love to read about Bekah’s simple Christmas traditions.

:: I can’t find the right words to talk about what happened this week in America. All I know to do is hug our boy a little tighter, for a little longer. This post has been shared a lot, not sure if you have seen it yet, but it really made me think about mental illness and being a mother.

Wishing you a happy and healthy week.




2 thoughts on “Favourite posts this week

  1. Claire

    Thanks for sharing the post relating to the news in America this week, heart goes out to the incredibly strong woman and will be following her journey/blog from now on. Give little one big squeeze from me tonight, can’t even begin to imagine how those poor parents in US are feeling x


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