Favourite posts this week

:: This post about mac and cheese made me laugh!

:: Such pretty little choux pastries (in French).

:: Upcycling old jars – will be trying out the glow in the dark paint for baby!

:: I am convinced my mum makes the best yorkshire puddings (we had some today even ;)) but this whole meal looks delicious!

:: Beautiful post about much more than a job.

:: Am I allowed to live this way? I’ve asked myself the same question.

:: 50 things to do with kale, if you wanted to…

:: Yummy looking raw cookies and lovely words. Love is good.

:: Smitten/101 whole-wheat scones. Perfection. Really want that book (hint ;))

:: Finding time to read – helpful post, I need to read more and internet less…

:: Caught on camera :)

Wishing you a lovely weekend! We have a village dinner, but no lamb this time!




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