Favourite posts this week

Tuesday craft group tea break

:: I’m very lucky to be able to have lunch with my husband every day. With our budget we eat very little meat, but the baked squash with garlic cream sounds delicious!

:: Editing fairytales – something we should do for our boy too. Not just for girls, right?

:: Tuna sandwiches! Got to love them. Toasted bread, mayo (homemade) and lots of pepper for me. I can’t say I have a problem with sweetcorn though!

:: Fig newtons – don’t think I’ve had them, are they like fig rolls? Sarah’s version look amazing though, will try and make next week…

:: Chocolate caramel tartlets. Love the teeny, tiny size. Potential Christmas treat?

:: A very good friend of ours has just set off on an epic world journey with his girlfriend. I love his writing, you might enjoy it too.

:: This cake is similar to our chocolate guinness cake. Sharing simply because I loved the post, it made me miss my dad!

:: Twice baked potato pie – love that their daughter came up with the idea!

:: Aaaaah this is crazy! My mind is blown by these kids.

Wishing you a very happy weekend!



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