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Right now

Handsome indeed

:: recovering after reading Gone Girl in less than 48 hours. WHAT was that ending though?

:: skyping (yes, it’s a word, sort of) my brother and (now!) sister-in-law throughout their wedding day :) God bless technology. Although it would be nice to be in Mauritius too!

:: covered in paint after helping my parents with a few projects.

:: making some snacks before we run some errands this afternoon. It should stop me buying something I shouldn’t.

:: counting down the days until the new Mumford & Sons AND Muse albums are released. Can’t wait!

:: hoping September involves less flying, hospital visits, emergencies, nightmares. Please!

:: trying not to think about how much I’d love a mug of coffee. Or hot chocolate.



Mid-week favourites

I just love eggs

:: This is too funny – I hope I’m never that rude.

:: Need to learn how to make ice cubes? Here you go! The reviews are amazing!

:: Who discovered this? Think it’s worth trying!

:: Leftover rice recipes – you know you always make too much.

:: Oh my. I think someone is going to want a VW campervan bed!

:: Raw plum tarts with ginger glaze – yum!

:: Speaking of raw, how about some brownies?

Wishing you all a happy and healthy end to the week



Drinking only water

Grand Opening: new "water drop bouquet" grow, harvest and delivery service

The principal of only drinking water has long appealed to me.

It’s natural, healthy, cheap and simple.

But in reality I’ve never been able to do it.

I don’t think I can remember a single week in my life when I drank only water. My generation were raised on squash and coca-cola, then tea, beer, wine, coffee, fruit juice, whiskey and maybe even a mojito.

I’m also addicted to caffeine. I can happily drink three cups of fresh coffee before 9am.

But the topic of water came up in conversation a few days ago and I thought half-heartedly about taking on a personal challenge. Drinking only water for a month. Only half-heartedly though.

Then another loved one suffered another health scare and I decided to take on that challenge.

I would drink only water for the whole of September.

I failed quickly by drinking a coffee at 1.30am on the very first day of September. Though in my defense I had to wake up and drive an hour to a hospital, then an hour back home. So I’ll start the month from the second time I woke up.

I will go without the coffee I love so much, and also without the lovely local wine. And as the weather here turns colder and I crave a warm cup of tea, I will go without. And I won’t open the tempting new bottle of Glenfiddich I’ve been given.

It will be difficult.

My head already feels like it’s collapsing for lack of coffee, but really, who am I to begrudge drinking water when 783 million people don’t even have access to safe water.

783 million people.

The money I will save by drinking water this month will go to WaterAid.

Words of wisdom

Morning walk

I recently read “Loving and leaving the Good Life” by Helen Nearing.

When responding to one of the many letters they received, Helen and Scott shared this lovely message:

“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

John Wesley, 1750.

We love it.

A good message for baby, we think.





Le fournil de Luc

Photo courtesy of Le fournil de Luc

We didn’t imagine when we moved here that we would be just 30 minutes away from an organic bakery and café, especially given how far everything else is from us.

But we are! And it’s wonderful :)

Fournil bio de Luc


On our first visit (of hopefully many) Shake sampled a chocolatine (the name for a pain au chocolat in the south of France) and I had a chocolate chip brioche.

Both were delicious and not as sweet as you would expect, which was perfect.

The coffee was great too and our waitress was adorable – completely charmed by our baby.

We couldn’t leave without buying some bread – maybe Shake will review it another time.

Fournil bio de Luc

Very pretty (and tasty) organic bread

We are sure to visit again soon :)