Baby led weaning

Mr Messy

This week baby turned 6 months old!

As he meets the criteria for weaning, we have started to offer him food with us at lunchtime.

It has been emotional (our baby is growing up!), frightening (the gagging!), messy (oh the mess!) and fascinating (amazing what he can pick up with those chubby little fingers).

What we love about this method of weaning, compared with purees, jars etc, is that it really is SIMPLE. We serve him the fruit and vegetables we are eating, cut to a baby friendly shape, and watch him go!

So far he has “enjoyed” cucumber, carrots, courgette, apple, broccoli, nectarines (a favourite! very glad I froze slices before the season has completely finished), this(!) and even Shake’s own rye bread with butter!

There is so much information online about weaning that it was a little overwhelming to begin with. What we have realised so far is that the human body is an amazing thing. We just need to trust our little man and be there to support him when he needs us.

So far, so good. Can’t wait to see his tastes develop :)



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