A bad cake day

oh what a mess!

This post is for my benefit more than yours, sorry.

Last week we bought a crate of nectarines on sale as they are coming to the end of their season. I planned several different ways to use them up, but more on that another day.

One of my plans was to make a few cakes to freeze for those rainy days when we want something comforting but summery.

I found a simple enough recipe online (I won’t bother sharing now…) and more or less followed the recipe.

This was my first mistake. I really should have followed it all.

The recipe told me to bake the cakes for 15 minutes and then add the sliced nectarines and continue baking. I was in a rush so didn’t bother. Suprise, suprise, they sank to the bottom and stuck there.

You can’t find baking powder or self-raising flour here, so I decided to mix my own. I sort of followed the guidelines but I wasn’t as specific as I really should have been. Mistake number two!

Lastly, whilst I could have made the cakes in two batches, as I had made double the amount of mix, I tried to squeeze it all into 4 small tins. Mistake number three!

So, as you can imagine, the fruit sank so the cakes weren’t pretty; the mix turned into some insane bubbly science experiment and almost all of the tins overflowed (all over the oven too).

I was so angry at myself. I was rushing as baby was asleep but was due to wake up, but that’s not his fault.

I was upset at the thought of wasting so much mix and those lovely nectarines. I was upset at having wasted my precious free time, I mean I could should have been cleaning or washing something.

Also, I was just plain embarrassed. Cakes are my thing! I should have been more precise.

Anyway. Shake ate what was stuck to the tins and anything else he could get his hands on. Of course he said it was delicious (and that I was being a drama queen :) ). The cakes were trimmed where necessary, fruit rescued and placed back on top and they are now safely in the freezer.

It doesn’t matter that they look dreadful, they will still taste fine and maybe by winter I will laugh about it too ;)



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