Vanilla extract

Vanilla beans from Uganda


So we made it safe and sound and baby was a superstar as usual. He is now in his own room and sleeping just as well as before. Phew!

Before we left, I was very lucky to have crossed paths with one of my closest friends who now lives in Uganda. She knows how much I love to bake and brought us an amazing stash of vanilla beans.

I usually use the seeds of the beans when making custard, using the remaining pods to make vanilla sugar (sugar + beans + sealable jar = vanilla sugar), but I wanted to try something else given that I have so many.

Making vanilla extract

Vanilla extract

There are so, so many different ways to make vanilla extract. I decided to use rum because I like it :)

I won’t even bother listing ingredients for you, there are only two!


Obtain a dark coloured glass bottle (or jar).

Split 4 vanilla pods, scrape seeds into bottle and then add the pods.

Pour 750cl of rum into bottle. Seal.

Shake bottle once a day for at least 3 weeks.

Store away from direct sunlight.






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