This is the field

So, err, after many years of reading books and growing a few vegetables in the back garden, now it’s time to try and grow a serious amount of food.

This is the field we have been very kindly loaned. It’s the first half of the land you see in this photo. I measured it on Google Maps a while back, and came up with a 3rd of an acre, but I think I need to check that again.

This needs a ‘little’ work

It needs cleaning up, along with the adjacent river/stream. It needs fencing, and a bridge, and water storage, and many other things. But mostly it needs planning.

As the land is only on loan, we’ll be sticking to growing annuals which in some ways is a shame, but for now it’s simpler to plan and easy to adapt.

I will certainly keep you posted.

Don’t panic.

That’s just a note to myself.

Shake out.

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