Right now


:: Acclimatising to the beautiful weather we are having (30 degrees +) and trying to keep baby cool.

:: Feeling inspired by Heidi’s latest recipe. What a fun way to use some of my vanilla.

:: Enjoying being a tourist, for now. Having lots of friends and family to visit means we have taken it pretty easy these first few weeks and seen many beautiful places.

:: Meeting charming, friendly people throughout our new village. Baby certainly helps, lots of smiles for the Mayor – phew!

:: Shaking my vanilla daily. On the lookout for some cute little bottles for it too.

:: Marvelling at the amazing organic supermarkets around us. Sure, nothing is closer than 45 minutes away, but they are worth the occasional travel so we can stock up.

:: Grateful to have a good doctor nearby. Baby jabs all done!

:: Counting down the days (6!) until Baby sees his “favourite” Uncle :)

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