Making our car a little bit more French

Fitting left hand drive lights to a right hand drive car

Fitting the LHD lights to our car

In order to register our car in France, and to help it integrate better with the local vehicles, I fitted a set of left hand drive lights yesterday. With the help of my Dad and our trusty Haynes manual we got this done in a relaxed morning’s worth of work.

We know people who’ve paid a 1,000 Euros or more to get this job done which makes it even more satisfying to do the work at home.

The only trouble we had were the fittings for the indicator bulbs not exactly matching the new unit. One had 3 connection points and the other expected 4. But with a Stanley knife and the whittling skills I learned from carving walking sticks it didn’t take long to make these fit.

I found the best price for the headlight units was on eBay, but had to factor in a 5 week lead time for delivery as these came via Germany and were out of stock when I ordered them about 6 weeks ago.

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