Lagrasse – river

Last week we visited the village of Lagrasse – officially one of the most beautiful villages in France.

It was a stunningly hot day and as we don’t have a pool we wanted to find somewhere (relatively) nearby to cool ourselves down.

We made a very quick picnic lunch – pizza/tart with tomatoes, peppers, emmental, garlic and who knows what else we had in the fridge.

Pizza by the river – Lagrasse

It was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon! People watching, soaking up some sun, dipping toes in the water and watching out for fish :)

Clear water – Lagrasse river

There were several families around us and groups of friends – in fact there was a small festival being held over that weekend, so quite a few people looking a little hungover ;)

Cyclists, musicians & holidaymakers in Lagrasse

So, after all that hard work of sunbathing and eating lunch we decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream at a café that has recently opened – supporting the local community, right?!

Raspberry and Mojito sorbets – delicious!

I can’t wait until we next visit. We really spent very little money and could have stayed much longer, walking around the quaint village streets and along the river.



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