The Final Countdown

Urgh, sorry. Do you have that song in your head now?

Listen to this instead. Much better.

Too busy around here for me!

I’m feeling lost.

We leave in a few days and my mind is flipping from being excited to panicking to impatience to anxiety and then back to the start seemingly every few minutes or so.

I’m sure this is normal when moving country, with a baby.

There seems to be little I can do until Monday when we will pack the cars as much as possible and see what will have to stay here, for now.

So this last week I’m trying to use up all of our food, say farewell to our lovely friends and family, visit the doctor, dentist and hairdresser, eat as much of this as I can and learn a little more french :)

It’s going to be busy around here for the next few days, but we are sure to be in touch once we are there! In France! Aaaaah!!

If only I had this bed to fall into once we arrive. Too beautiful. Shake is going to make me one, I love how he says that about everything :)

See you on the other side!







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