Starting a sourdough starter à la Tartine

A super birthday book

Though sourdough is an art for the patient and I wasn’t planning to experiment with it again until we were in France, I started reading Tartine and simply couldn’t help myself. This book is a late addition to the lovely birthday books for simple living I posted about recently. The stunning pictures of bread are so tempting it reminded me of this: ‘Jim loved your card so much he ate it‘.

I’ve toyed half-heartedly with sourdough in the past, but never quite worked it into a 9-5 lifestyle, so I’ve mostly been baking with yeast. I’m looking forward to our new simpler way of life that deliberately makes time for good food like this. Food made the way it was meant to be made. Though it’s another example of simpler not being the same as easier.

Mixing the flours - note: black and white photo, à la Tartine :)

I have a feeling this book may play a formative role in my quest for the perfect sourdough.

Shake out.

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