Goal: Learn to sew


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I know goals are important, from both a business and a personal perspective, but I’ve always had a hard time setting them for myself.

Before Shake and I decided to move to France, we would spend time thinking about how we wanted to live our lives, what our days would look like. This felt easy and I could really picture our future together. Most of my goals relate to day-to-day skills I would like to learn and one day share with our son.

Learning to sew

I would love to be able to create something new, as well as mend what we already have. We would love to be as self-sufficient as possible and I see this as a very small step towards this. Obviously I don’t yet have the skills to create fabrics or thread, but if I could use what is around us, that would be great!

I think I have an old sewing machine from my Great-Aunt in France and once we are settled I will dig it out and see what I can do with it. I imagine I will be watching many youtube tutorials and asking lots of people for help!

It would also be wonderful to sew by hand, and maybe this would be the best place to start?

There have been two Soule Mama posts recently which have inspired me to sew even more.

How proud would I be (in many years’ time!) if I had taught my son such skills that he could simply run off and create something practical to fulfill a need of his!?

In the short term, I really want to make a similar book to this for him for his first birthday – just over 9 months to go!

If you can recommend any good books, videos or websites to help me to learn to sew, I’d be really grateful if you would leave a comment!


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