This week

I almost didn’t meet my first goal!

Next week I will have to focus a little harder in those spare moments when baby is sleeping, maybe leave the folding of nappies or that much needed shower for a later time, when Shake is home ;)

20120422-124759.jpg – as of this week we are smiling!

There are a few items that have caught my bleary eyes during the week that I thought I would share:

Our friends made us a variation of this cake - delicious! I’m dying to make my own and will share with you when I do.

With our impending move, I love reading about facts and figures on France. I especially like point 36!

In the past 3 weeks we have been to two weddings here, with baby(!), both of which were beautiful and ridiculously happy days :) The food was extremely impressive, seasonal with high quality ingredients. I especially enjoyed the desert for the ladies – elderflower jelly with seasonal berries, lemon posset, meringue and vanilla ice cream, served in a Le Parfait preserving jar (the men had deconstructed millionaire’s shortbread, in case you were wondering).

As a new mother, lists such as this catch my eye, although they don’t always make me feel better!

Wishing you a lovely week


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