Right now (Soulemama style)

Rain © by alexik

:: watching my baby boy sleep (I should sleep too…)
:: reading The Hunger Games. I only started last night but am hooked already! Just what I need to fill the void after finishing the Milennium trilogy.
:: mastering the “skill” of reading whilst feeding baby. Kindle helps!
:: eating all the time, or so it seems, as this feeding job is exhausting! I can’t get enough of pears, prunes, the odd biscuit or two too…
:: thinking about my brother and future sister-in-law who are moving to beautiful Dartmouth next week. Oh how I shall miss them being so near, but it isn’t long until we move either…
:: wishing it would stop raining long enough for baby and I to walk to the doctors this afternoon.
:: planning our weekends to see as many dear friends and family before we leave.
:: choosing  recipes for this weekend for some very special friends. Currently thinking of chocolate and beetroot brownies to use the gorgeous beetroot which came in our vegetable box this morning.

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