A goal: Learn French well

Livres anciens © by zigazou76

This one is a little more obvious maybe, but I hope to learn French; not just well, but really well (eventually).

Right now I’m practising the basics every day as I drive to and from work and in the next couple of months I hope a little more will settle in my mind.

A quick tip: I ripped my French with Michel Thomas CD’s to iTunes and interspersed a selection of French language music between each track to break up the spoken word and spend some time tuning my ear into listening. This made it much easier to listen to the CDs day after day – especially when I’m tired and driving home from the office.

The good news is I have time. I have as long as it takes our little one to learn to speak, and then as long as it takes him to delve into the depths of literature on offer, to get up to the same level. I think that should be OK with a sustained effort and I’d hate to not be able to talk about great books and the beauty of language with him.

Reading and writing is hugely important to me in English, and in the long run I hope to find the same pleasure in the French language. It’s exciting to think about how many new books there will be to explore!

À bientôt


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